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Have you ever wanted to spend a ton of moolah? That’s where Vostok comes in. Vostok is a SHMUP where you oversee making as much moolah as possible. The goal of this game is to make so much moolah to beat the architect. You need 10 Quintillion moolah so make sure you’re ready to collect that much. You can get moolah by either building extractors on planets (which is the best option) killing enemies or destroying asteroids. Did I ever mention you can destroy asteroids and kill enemies with a unicorn launcher?



 You can travel to a total of six solar systems which are Sol, Galene, Casin, Vent, Voltimus, Horus. With those six solar systems, there are a total of forty planets you can build extractors on. Sadly, you don’t get them all in the beginning. If you were to have access to all forty in the beginning the game would be very short. Whenever you do complete the main game and what to be a champion you can do all the objectives in the game.



















There is a total of 594 objectives and many of them will test you and see how good you really are. The most frustrating ones to do would be the mini game objectives as you must get a certain score or higher and you’ll always fail so close to the target score. Other ways to increase your moolah production is by finding executives, managers, investors, and consultants. Executives are permanent and if you keep them happy you can get up to 14% increase in moolah production per executive and theirs a total of twelve of them. The way you keep them happy is by clicking on them and seeing their stats.


They need food, drinks, and gifts for them to stay happy. The less of everything they have the less of a bonus you get and eventually it will go down to 0%. You can find these by killing enemies and destroying asteroids. You can also get managers which increase your production by 3%. However, there is a downfall; when you die you lose all your managers. Consultants increase production by 777%. Investors double the amount of moolah in hand. Overall review for the game would be an 8/10. The game is super addicting and easy to lose time. Achievement difficulty is a 4/10 as the only hard achievements are the ones that require you to get a certain score on a mini game.


A code was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review


You can buy Vostok Inc from the Xbox Store Here


Release Date - Wednesday‎, ‎August‎ ‎2‎, ‎2017

Price - $14.99

Download Size - 507.68 MB



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