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Basis of the game: As most of us know this is the third instalment in The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. They are well known for the stories they put into games. Some of them include Tales from the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode. However, we will only be focusing on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. The game is a point and click adventure. You may not like point and click games but take my word you might want to consider playing The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Their will be spoilers so stop reading if you don’t want to know about them. I will also be showing you the major choices I picked.

Storyline: You don’t start off the season by learning what happened at the end of the second instalment. However, Clementine nicknamed “Clem” has flashbacks occasionally showing what happened up to the current date so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. You play as a new character named Javier or as everybody else likes to call him “Javi.” Later in the episode you get separated from your brother’s family and taken away by people called “The New Frontier.” Clem sees the truck that Javi was in and tried to stop the truck so she could take it but the truck crashes and it ends up in terrible condition. That’s when Javi first meets Clem. Clem takes you to a place know as Prescott’s. Clem and Javi get locked up because of a problem they were in. Eventually you get back to your brothers family and only seeing your niece right at the end of the episode getting a bullet right through her skull and seeing their mom shot in the stomach.

In the next episode, you will see two guys named Max and Badger are the ones in charge of the death of Javi’s niece. They are also the ones that see you at Prescott’s and are trying to negotiate with you to turn yourself in since they killed their men at the end of the first episode. Eventually Gabe, Clem, Tripp, Conrad, Kate and you as Javi escape Prescott’s. They hear about a place called Richmond and decide to go there. On their way, there they found out somebody was spying on them when a herd started attacking them. So Javi goes up and finds a person named Paul but nicknamed “Jesus.” You might be wondering if it’s the same Jesus from The Walking Dead on television and yes, it is. Just in case you don’t watch the show. The image on the left is Jesus in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and Jesus from the television show on the right.

Jesus takes them on their way to the community known as Richmond. When they get their they find out it’s taken over from The New Frontier and just so happens Max and Badger are on watch out also the ones that attacked them at Prescott. Just when they thought stuff couldn’t get crazier right at the end of the second episode one of the leaders step out and its Javi’s brother when they thought he died when the outbreak started.

Episode three was a bit slow to me. Right at the beginning of the episode you get to talk to your brother. He’s curious what happened to his daughter Mariana. He questions you what happens to her and you have the choice to keep it to yourself or tell him your men killed her. Then there’s a council meeting and you get kicked out of the camp since Badger and Max said you attacked them and either way whether you step up its their word over yours. David sets up a special bag for them which included a map to where to go. Them not having an idea why it that spot was selected they went there any ways. They find out that his brother goes to that place to talk to them about what they can do next. Clem has a flashback when she was a part of The New Frontier and has the choice of stealing drugs or not to steal drugs to use on AJ. Either choice will get Clem banished from The New Frontier and losing AJ. Although, at the end of the season you will find out that AJ is still alive. Depending on how much you hated Badger you get to choose his fate. Either he turns, you kill him or you let Conrad kill him (if you didn’t kill Conrad in episode two). Right after that seen you get to choose Max’s fate. Whether you keep him alive to tell everybody how corrupt Joan is or you can kill him on the spot. I killed him but there is a different ending to the episode that a friend told me. At the end of the episode when you and Kate try to leave you get caught while Kate can escape.

At the beginning of the fourth episode of this instalment you are brought into a flashback Javi has. He is with his brother at a baseball batting range. All this was about was showing how Javi became the sports player he is now. It also shows how depressed his brother was. You escape from being imprisoned and meet Kate and you try to get ready for a fight. You end up getting caught by Ava, but she doesn’t mind and helps you out. You also have a moment in the episode where you have the choice to help kill Lingard by drugging him or not. There’s also a special moment between you and Kate before getting to the finale and you have the choice of saying to her that you share the same feelings with her. However, you don’t need to say you share the same feelings. Then at the end you have the choice between Ava or Tripp to save since Joan told you to pick one of them. Whoever you pick, is the one that dies. Talk about reverse psychology. Your also given a deal to run away with your family and whoever doesn’t die or to shoot Joan. Kate comes in and blows a hole into Richmond. Big important episode but very slow.

At the beginning of the last episode it continues right where you left off when Kate crashes into a wall having Muertos (as Javi calls them) come into Richmond. You see a victim that was bit and you have the choice to cut off his arm or letting him be shot by your brother. After that scenario, your brother goes to the roof and is standing on the edge of the building. He isn’t planning to jump off but just inhale everything that is around you. You have the choice to stand next to him or not to stand next to you. However, whatever you choose will either increase the bond between you two or decrease the bond between each other. Little bit later you are crossing a bridge with a plane propeller. However, right when you cross Tripp couldn’t get across and falls to his death. After that you must kill a walker and disguise yourself in zombie guts. We know that works because of the second instalment episode three when Clem and her group had to leave through a zombie herd with zombie guts all over their body. All you have to do is avoid hitting a zombie and get to the generator. After that the story moves around what you pick next which is going with David or going with Kate. Theirs a total of three or four different endings. My ending had David and Gabe die while everyone else dies.

Overall Review: This season was a very strong season. Your emotions will always be tossed around because that’s what Telltale likes to do to us. I would give this game a 8.5/10. I personally did not like the ending, I was looking for a cliffhanger to keep me excited so I can’t wait for the next instalment.


Written by: KriSpy CharMZ


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