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Ever wanted to subscribe to support our streamer?.

Well now you can in a few different ways. You are able to Subscribe for a monthly fee via Gamewisp and in return, you will be given special subscriber benefits such as Beard (Currency System), Access to Nasty's Favourite List on Xbox One, Exclusive Subscriber Giveaways and more.


You choose what tier you want and its up to you if you want to renew.. Keep in mind you will receive extra Beard (currency on Mixer Livestreams) when you renew


Or maybe you want to buy some stuff for yourself from your local Best Buy, same deal as with Amazon, you buy what YOU want and receive what you ordered with our Streamer earning a small percentage of the purchase price which will be put back into the channel

Do you love purchasing Digital Games or DLC? Well by using any of the game links on the site, you are supporting us without even realizing. We earn a small percentage of the purchase price, which allows us to do more awesome things for you guys such as giveaways!


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