Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from Oct/Nov/Dec 2016

In the season of violent shooters flooding the Xbox market, Clouds and Sheep 2 brings family friendly fun to all.

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Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood is out now for Xbox One for $9.99 or your regional equivalent.  This is a Adventure/Puzzle game or you could say a point and click game. If you are familiar with the developers past games then this one won't be a big curveball.  Very relaxing and great story telling in this one.  Controls are smooth and graphically nothing to shiny but it ain’t terrible. As for achievement hunters this is a must pick up as you should be able to get all achievements in 6-8 hours no problem. Just be on the look out for the butterflies and illusive objects.  Overall I really enjoyed this game as I do with most Arrtefix Mundi game. [7/10]

In Case You Missed It! Here's our review of Teslagrad, the steampunk platformer set in Europe.

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So, recent indie titles have been quite easy you say? Now you want a challenge.. Well the developers over at The Game Bakers are here to test your skill and push you to the limit.

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Steel Rain X is out Friday for $9.99 or your regional equivalent. This is a shmup. Not to many bells and whistles with this one.  If you aren't very good, like me, at shmups you can put it on easy and breeze through most of the achievements.  You take over planets and colonize them.  The graphics here could use some work.  As for the achievements you shouldn't have a problem getting most of them as I explain in the video.  Overall nothing of a stand out here. [5/10]


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