Nightmares from the Deep 3:Davy Jones Review


Concept: You're on a journey to save your daughter from Davy Jones after she signed a contract with him by finding hidden objects spread across his island & solving puzzles along the way. Can you free your daughter from Davy Jones' clutches and solve the mystery of Davy Jones' island at the same time? The answer is you must!



















Gameplay:  The game is your normal point and click/hidden object game. Move from area to area solving puzzles, finding hidden objects all with a pirate theme. There's also a mystery that has to be solved during the game along with a side story that unlocks after completing the game one time. But for the most part, you'll either be very intrigued with the mystery/side story or bored with the entire game if point and click/hidden object games aren't your favourite genre of games.



















Presentation: The graphics look sharp for a point and click/hidden object game and has been enhanced for the Xbox One X which is nice. The story has a bit of slow build to it especially in the very first level but it finally picks up halfway through the game and ends on a very happy end if you can slog through all the puzzles & hidden object lists through the game.



















Final Thoughts: This is a good game if you want to kill at least 3 hours one day as this isn't too hard of a game, it just gets repetitive with puzzles after awhile if you know what you're doing (and you played through the entire game more than once).


Rating: 6/10


Written by: Tsumewulf

Gamertag: Tsumewulf



+Easy 1,000 gamerscore for achievement hunters

+Fun for ~3 hours

+Great for hidden object/point & click puzzle fans



-Slightly Repetitive at times

-Story is severely weak

-Low replay value


Ethics Statement:

The reviewer spent approximately 5 hours and earned 27 out of 30 achievements in the game.


A code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.


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Release Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Price: $14.99

Download size: 2.22 GB


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