Mr Shifty Review


By Jay


Mr Shifty is an epic Beat 'em up, top down perspective game where stealth and action become one, developed by Team Shifty and published by tinyBuild! The player takes on the role of a thief, attempting to steal a Plutonium Core from a very secured building while eliminating all enemies that get in his way




The main feature of this game is the Phasing, or shifting ability, allowing you to teleport quickly around the area, between walls and past enemies with easy manoeuvrability. This feature can be taken into advantage if you know how to manipulate it well to get past enemies

Mr Shifty doesn’t have any proper weapons of sorts but is able to pick up perishable melee weapons which range from wooden planks to Iron Poles and more. The only special power available is a meter, which when filled with enough kills and attacks will axiomatically slow down time, allowing you to take care of enemies with ease



This game isn’t too challenging and can easily be completed in around 3 - 5 hours if you know what you are doing. The game has roughly 10 stages which comprise of 5 or so levels, split into 3 different Acts. An exact number of stages can’t be given as I didn’t finish the whole game.



Everyone at are achievement hunters and this game does have some decent, easy gamerscore. A grand total of 14 achievements. 11 of which are easy and have a high chance of being unlocked upon completing the game while the last 3 will take a bit of effort.




- Complete a stage with 0 Deaths


- Complete a stage with 0 Deaths


- Beat the dev's best speed run time 1:19:21




These 3 are looking at lots of time being dedicated to the game with no errors and all stages must be completed quickly, obviously with no deaths in order to maintain the No Deaths achievements.


Overall this game is one of the best Top Down Action games I've played in a long time and would gladly play again. Awesome Combat and Teleportation Mechanics. easy Achievements, just all-round fun.



Final Score - 7/10

Written by: Jay



A download code was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review

You can purchase Mr Shifty from the Xbox Store Here


Release Date - Friday‎, ‎August‎ ‎4‎, ‎2017

Price - $14.99

Download Size - 3.92 GB



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