Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from Jan/Feb/Mar 2017

Wick is out now for Xbox One at $9.99 or your regional equivalent.  This is a survivor horror game.  If you have played Emily Wants To Play then you will slide right into this one. Your goal is to survive each hour from midnight to 5am.  There are collectibles that need to be picked up and there very nice guides over on Steam with maps to cover those.   A few of the random achievements are tough to get because they are so random and you have to be at a certain spot on the map. Again plenty of guides over on Steam to help you through this. 8/10


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Here's our review of Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution for Xbox One. Did I go nuts for the for this game?


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Nevermind is out now on Xbox One for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.  This a horror/thriller/adventure game.  You are a neruo therapist and go into people's minds to help them.  Very spooky and has great drama to go with it.  The music is top notch as with spooky sounds everywhere to get your blood pumping.  The achievements are somewhat simple.  The second playthrough is where you have to collect memories.  Some of these memories can be very challenging to find so I recommend a guide. Looking at about 7-10 hours.  [8/10]


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Shooting zombies in space has never been so fun.


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AdultSwim games has teamed up with Super Mega Team to bring this action packed 2D shooter to Xbox One


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