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RWBY Grimm Eclipse is out now on Xbox One for $19.99 and there is an additional DLC pack with extra characters for $4.99 or your regional equivalent. No achievements with the DLC.  Hack and slash your way through 10 levels with great graphic art design.  And some soothing music in the background.  I did have some issues with connections at times however there was a patch released today. The achievements shouldn't cause you to much trouble. [6.5/10]


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Wells is out now on Xbox One.  This is an action-adventure side scrolling shootem up. Very gorgeous backgrounds. Controls very well. The music can get a tad annoying. The only problem I have is switching between weapons. The first 500 Gamerscore you should easily be able to obtain in one playthrough without trying for them.  The rest require you to "A" and "S" rank every level on both difficulties.  Which is a big challenge. 6.8/10


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Hunters Legacy is out January 20 for $6.99 or you regional equivalent. This game is Metroidvainan / Plaformer style game with some really cool bosses.  The achievements aren't to bad however you will need to playthrough twice.  I go over this and so much more in my Take. [7/10]


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Spheroids out now on Xbox One.  This game ain’t that bad nor good. Kind of falls in the middle of the spectrum if you ask me.  The achievements should be no problem.  There are 4 achievements you are likely going to have to grind after beating it.  Its a 3-5 hour game depending on skill.  I did not experience any glitches or game crashes while playing. 6.5/10


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Pixel Heroes Byte and Magic is a retro style RPG from HeadUp Games, which takes comedic elements that poke fun at other games of the same genre, and combines' it with PermaDeath style gameplay for a product that will bring joy and frustration to all.


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