Feral Fury is a fast paced twin stick shooter with rouge like action, Feral Fury took me back to my days of being in an arcade playing a top down twin stick shooter with a mixture of doom thrown in the mix as well, I enjoyed playing this a lot as it reminds me of my younger days of gaming.




 Long after humankind perished in the flames of the oil wars, the great panda empire is Expanding, throughout the galaxy as the new dominant power. With the old world in ashes


and an endless need for bamboo, entire planets are turned into plantations, and the flames of war are lit once again.


"May the soil we conquer nurture the holy seeds of the great bamboo"























Controlling the character of the game takes a bit of getting used to as the left stick controls your movement while the right stick controls the direction you shoot, also the A button allows you to roll out of the way of the enemies fire and under laser’s as you progress through the 15 different stages, divided up between 5 different chapters, you will also have the advantage of when you kill the enemies you will be able to collect orbs and from the main menu before you start the run, you can use the orbs to by permanent upgrades to further you advantage you gameplay. As you clear the run on certain levels you will also unlock the three extra character’s. Achievement’s are not easy to come by you will have to work to collect them all.





















Feral Fury is a very well presented top down twin stick shooter with an arcade feel to it, which if like me will take you back to the days of being in an arcade playing these games on machines outside of your home, Feral Fury has 29 achievement’s that combine to make 1000 Gamerscore. There is also a daily run where you can attempt to take the Leaderboard by storm you are in a fixed seed and get given three boosts and 1 permanent curse ideally this is a lot of fun.









































Final Take.


Feral Fury is a great twin stick shooter which is a lot of fun, feral fury is released on Wednesday 30th august 2017, this game will keep you coming back for more to unlock the upgrades and extra character’s and to keep trying your luck in the daily run leader boards to top the leaderboards  7/10


Written by Barmykiller AKA Craig Crockford.


A game code was provided by Scandivania Games  for the purpose of this review, you can purchase the game on the Xbox Store Here


Release Date - Wednesday‎, ‎August‎ ‎30‎, ‎2017

Price - $9.99

Download Size - 531.06 MB



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