Dynamite Fishing World Games Review by YodZ

Just released on Xbox One, the development team over at Handy Games brings us Dynamite Fishing World Games to Xbox One. The title was previously released on platform's that include PS4 and Android.


The games premise is to compete against AI opponents towards the goal of catching as many fish as you can in a 5 stage Cup. Each stage is different in the particular Cups and there are 5 cups in total. You catch the fish obviously with dynamite and also several character specific powers as well as special items that are available to all characters.


These special items vary from a toaster that electrifies fish to a stinky shoe that kills fish with its overwhelming stench.

As you progress through the game and start earning Gold Trophies , you will unlock the games various characters.

Each one is named with a somewhat funny pun, such as

Redneck Joe, DJ Dynamite, Metal More and Wild Wendy. These characters play off racial stereotypes which honestly is a bit offensive, seeing as how the African American character is portrayed as a gold chain and baggy pants hip hop guy. The game isn't trying to offend anyone but I feel it was a poor choice on the developers part.

As I said before each character has a specific power up only usable by them. To get this power up you need to blow up fish and fill up a combo multiplier. The power ups vary from thunderbolts from Metal Moe, to unicorns that Kamikaze down on the fish from Wild Wendy.

There are 12 different equipment that can by used by all characters to help you get the combos for the ultimate power up.


As you proceed through a Cup you rack up the amount of fish you catch each stage, with the final count of fish caught each counting towards to grand total of the 5 stages. At the end the fish are tallied up and the character with the most fish caught wins the Cup.


When you win the cup you earn  Gold Trophies. You want to rack these up to earn more boats and unlock the other characters. To unlock all characters you will need about 25 gold trophies, and for all boats you will need 40 trophies. You unlock these characters and boats from your grand total,   so there is no need to "spend " these trophies. So by now you realize the game is a grind, there is no real story to the game and basically all you will be doing is playing the same 5 Cups over and over to unlock more items.

As well all know the grindy games can prove a bit addicting because you want to unlock everything, I was into the gameplay at first but after a few hours the game became a bit tedious and boring. Who knows, maybe the developers wanted this game to be something you pick up and play every so often but for someone like me who likes to play games for a few hours at a time I quickly grew tired of the gameplay. I also feel like this game would be better suited for the mobile platforms and not console.


Moving on, let's talk about achievements, there are 36 total and most of them will take several, if not a few dozen hours to unlock. They vary from winning 50 stages in each boat, completing side missions,to a few achievements tied to each characters power up. The longest one seems to be earning a million fishbucks, In the 12 hours I put into the game so far I only made 2% progress towards the million. I doubt I will ever finish this game because of that achievement. Unless I'm just missing something obvious that achievement will take a few hundred hours.


The gameplay itself is actually easy, you can pretty much spam the dynamite and with the power ups and equipment you wont lose matches that often. The only hard part is finding the time to unlock everything due to the tedious nature of the game.


Over all the game is fun when played maybe a hour at time. But if you are looking for a quick and easy you might want to look somewhere else if you don't want to spend 500 hours to complete the game. It lacks variety and the gameplay and objective gets boring quick. Although the game only cost $5 its hard to recommend when the are plenty of better games for less than $10.




Written by John S aka Yodz

You can find me on Twitter @akaYodz or on Xbox: Yodz


A code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review


You can purchase Dynamite Fishing World Games on the Xbox Store Here


Release Date - Friday‎, ‎July‎ ‎1‎, ‎2016

Price - $4.99

Download Size - 454.17 MB



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