Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from December 2015 - January 2016

Check out the first 27 minutes of Gemini: Heroes Reborn with my gameplay.  This game releases January 19 on Xbox One for $14.99 US.  This game is a first person action adventure game.

Here is my take on the game Gemini: Heroes Reborn.  Inspired by the TV series Heroes Reborn.  A very well done game.  When I first started playing I though I was playing a retail game and not a ID@Xbox game.  The controls are well explained in the game but do take a second to get use to.  Graphics are decent. And the changing time aspect is really cool.  For $15 you can't go wrong.

Here is my take on Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink. This game is developed by Artifex Mundi which is the same team that brought you Nightmares from the Deep.  This is a point and click adventure.  If you play on expert you will get 6-7 hours of gameplay out of it.  It is your typical old school point and click adventure.  It has easy achievements.  If you aren't an achievement hunter or point and click fan then this is a pass.  The game is $9.99 US or your regional equivalent and is out now on Xbox One.

What is up with all these point and click games?  This is my Take on Albedo Eyes From Outer Space.  Another game with somewhat easy achievements.  This takes a second to get the hang of because you can move around in this point and click game.  This game is out now on Xbox One for $14.99 US or your regional equivalent.

Get ready for a fast paced marble matching puzzle game.  Sparkle 2 will keep you on your toes.  It even has a colorblind option.  The game is out now on Xbox One for $7.99 or your regional equivalent.


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