Release 1.4 – More Mobile Archives, Blanco: The Colour of Adventure and New Preloader GIF

Released – 25/02/2018 6pm AEST


Website Changes:


Just for you Krispy:

- Showed Everyone Da Wae


New Pages

- Added Blanco Information to all devices.


Header and Footers:

- Updated Header on Mobile by adding the Green behind the logo and making it slightly slimmer.

- Centred Mobile and Desktop Footer


Game of the Month:

- Updated game of the month on all devices (need to update Resolution of image)



- Added Koding and Quick to credits on all devices

- Added Aug/Sep/Oct 2017 Developers and Publishers to Credits



- Updated Home Page

- Most Recent Preview is now Most Recent Review

- Removed Present from Homepage on all devices.

- Updated Preloader GIF on all Devices (May be broken)

- Removed 2017 Guide link from Tablet and Desktop (Moved to February Archives).

- Updated Site Version Number


The Team:

- Added Tsumewulf to The Team on all Devices.

- Fixed issues with names on Mobile Team Page


Archives and Reviews:

- Ported Jan, Feb, Mar 2017 Archives to Mobile

- Ported January 2018 Archives to Mobile

- Ported December 2017 Archives to Mobile.

- Ported November 2017 Archives to Mobile.

- Ported January 2018 Archives to Tablet.

- Aligned January 2018 Page 2 Desktop Archives.

- Ported Aug / Sep / Oct 2016 Archives to Mobile.

- Ported Oct / Nov / Dec 2016 Archives to Mobile.

- Ported Nov 2017 Archives to Tablet.

- Added 2064 Review to Site

- Added Asemblance Review to Site.

- Added Outbreak Review to Site

- Added Bleed 2 review to site

- Fixed Skykeeper preview Image on all devices

- Added Nightmares from the Deep 3 review to all devices

- Fixed Issue with November Archives Links on Desktop.

- Changed Placing of Weekly Commentary Link on Archives for All Devices


Suggestions and Contact:

- Updated Emails on Suggestions and Contact Form on all devices.

-  Removed Spacing from Suggestions and Contact on all devices.



- Organized Changelog and added 1.4 changelog to site

- Fixed Spacing between Header and Content on 1.3 Changelog on all Devices.


Site version: 1.4

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