Release 1.3 – Official Tablet Support, 2017 Guide and Redesigned Header and Footers

Released – 30/01/2018 1pm AEST


Website Changes


Major Bugs Fixed:

- Fixed Major Bug with the site going down

- Fixed Major Issue with the Xbox One App loading the Mobile Site (Need to download App update to see the change)


New Pages:

- Created Tablet Pages.

- Ported Privacy Policy to Tablet.

- Ported Over Vudu Page to Tablet.

- Ported App Welcome Page to Tablet (Not in Use currently)

- Ported Changelog 1.0 to Tablet.

- Ported Changelog 1.1 to Tablet.

- Ported Changelog 1.2 to Tablet.

- Ported Hiring Page to Tablet.

- Ported Secret Code Page to Tablet.

- Ported over Support the Team to Tablet.

- Ported over The Team to Tablet.

- Ported over Mixer Info Page to Tablet.

- Ported over Mixer Base Page to Tablet.

- Ported Mixer Ranks page to Tablet.

- Ported Christmas Page 1 to Tablet.

- Ported Christmas Page 2 to Tablet.

- Ported Christmas Page 3 to Tablet.

- Ported over Game of the Week to Tablet.

- Ported Weekly Commentary to Tablet.

- Ported Credits page to Tablet.

- Ported Suggestions and Contact page to Tablet.

- Ported Changelog Hub to Tablet


Page Removals:

- Removed Aug -Sep 2017 Reviews/Previews Page 2

- Removed Archives Old to New Page

- Removed Weekly Commentary from Home

- Removed Grim Legends 2, The Golf Club 2, MXGP3, Chess Ultra and Crazy Strike Bowling EX from Aug/Sep 2017 Archives



- Added Page Preloader to Tablet.

- Added Scroll Progress Bar to Tablet.

- Ported Amazon Ads to Tablet.

- Ported Language Translator over to Tablet.

- Ported Header over to Tablet

- There should no longer be a massive gap on the bottom of some tablet pages due to the footer being too large


Header and Footers

- Clicking on Logo on both Header and Footer on Tablet and Desktop takes you home (I swear this breaks every update, no point fixing it everytime)

- Created a new Footer for Tablet

- Redesigned Footer on Desktop to be Sleeker (text is smaller, Social Media Links changed from right to centre. Copyright text is now more compact and located at left. Quick links are smaller and located on right instead of left)

- Redesigned Header on Desktop

- Redesigned Header on Mobile

- Fixed Header and Footer Links on Desktop and Tablet

- Reduced size of text on Tablet Header from 17 to 16 to make up for reducing Header Size


Reviews/Previews + Archives

- Adopted new system for reviews, all reviews now have positives, negatives and an ethic statement (Pretty much what TA does)

- Added New Buttons to Desktop Reviews and Gameplays (Reduced Space at bottom of page massively)

- Updated Page Count and removed next button on Aug -Sep 2017 Reviews/Previews Page 1

- Ported All Reviews to Tablet

- Added Boiling Bolt Review to All Devices

- Added Raining Blobs Review to all devices

- Archives are now ordered by Year

- Redesigned Archive Hub

- Fixed Archive Hub Links on Desktop

- Ported Archive Hub to Mobile and Tablet

- Ported Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 Archives to Mobile and Tablet

- Added Aaero Review to all Devices

- All Mobile Archives will have a better layout to keep the experience at its best

- Ported October 2017 Archives to Mobile and Tablet

- Ported Aug - Sep 2017 Reviews/Previews to Mobile and Tablet

- Changed a description in Aug -Sep 2017 Reviews/Previews

- Added Albert and Otto Review to all Devices

- Added Deadexit Review to all devices

- Removed Xbox One X Enhanced as a Negative from Aaero Review on all Devices and added it as a Postive

- Given Descriptions to Dec 2015/Jan 2016 Archives that are missing them on all Devices

- Ported all Desktop reviews to tablet

- Renamed Oct 2017 Reviews and Gameplay Page 1 & 2 to Oct 2017 Reviews/Previews Page 1 & 2 on all Devices

- Added Vesta Review to all Devices

- Added Yooka Laylee Review to all Devices

- Added Ethics Statement, Positives and Negatives to Deadexit Review on all Devices

- Ported Jul - Aug 2017 Reviews/Previews to Mobile and Tablet

- Added Hello Neighbor Review to all Devices

- Ported Feb - Mar 2016 Reviews and Previews to Tablet and Mobile

- Ported Apr - May 2016 Reviews and Previews to Tablet and Mobile

- Changed some Descriptions on Apr - May 2016 Reviews and Previews on Tablet and Mobile to fit Screen

- Ported Dec 2017 Reviews/Previews to Tablet

- Changed some Descriptions on Jun - July 2016 Reviews and Previews on Tablet and Mobile to fit Screen

- Ported Aug, Sep, Oct 2016 Reviews and Previews to Tablet

- Changed some Descriptions on Aug, Sep, Oct 2016 Reviews and Previews on Tablet and Mobile to fit Screen

- Ported old Archive Hubs to Tablet

- Ported Oct, Nov, Dec 2016 Archives to Tablet

- Ported Jan - Feb - Mar 2017 Reviews/Previews to Tablet

- Changed some Descriptions on Jan - Feb - Mar 2017 Reviews/Previews on Tablet and Mobile to fit Screen

- Ported December 2017 Archives to Desktop

- Ported over Apr - May - Jun 2017 Reviews/Previews to Desktop.

- Changed a good handful of Descriptions on Apr/May/Jun Reviews and Previews

- Ported over Nov Reviews/Previews to Desktop

- Updated Aaero Review Release Date and Main Image on all Devices

- Added a sentence on Albert and Otto review saying that the other 2 episodes have been put on hold

- Changed a few Descriptions on Aug/Sep/Oct 2016 Reviews and Previews

- Fixed Archive Dates in Apr - May - Jun 2017 Reviews/Previews, Nov 2017 Reviews/Previews, Dec 2017 Reviews/Previews

- Reduced the Size of the Gap on Dec 2015 - 2016 Tablet Archives

- Ported Jun - Jul 2016 Reviews/Previews to Tablet and Mobile

- Fixed some spelling errors in all Reviews and Previews

- Added January Archives to Desktop

- Added The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review to all devices


Home Page:

- Clicking on Logo on Tablet now takes you home.

- Clicking on a special icon now does something special

- Updated home page on all devices

- Updated Version Number on all Devices

- Added Most Recent Preview to Home Page on all devices

- Slightly Enlarged Viewing Space of Most Recent Video and Most Recent Preview on Home Page on Desktop and Mobile

- Recent News and Updates is now Recent Gameplay and Reviews for all Devices

- Updated names of master pages (Doesn't affect public build)


Game of the Month:

- Game of the Week is now Game of the Month due to the frequency of when site updates come out.

- Reworded Game of the Month Text

- Updated Game of the Month with a new game on all Devices


Weekly Commentary:

- Weekly Commentary Page is now called October - December 2017 Weekly Commentary’s



- All Developers and Publishers are now credited on the credits page (This took a super long time to do)

- All sections on credits page now have spaces

- Developers now says Developers and Publishers on Credits Page

- Added Special Thanks section to Credits

- Updated Credits Page on Mobile and Tablet

- Added Maka91, Xbox, Microsoft, ID@Xbox, Adobe and GoDaddy to Special Thanks Section in Credits

- Added CakeMc to YouTube Content Creators on Credits Page

- Added tsumewulf to Website Contributors on Credits Page

- Added BiLLzuMaNaTi, Mike Marcelais, Eurydace, A 2rue LeGacY, NoHeroes94, vSully, ScoobyDoobyD0nt, guns vs kittens, Krows Graveyard to Special Thanks on Credits Page


The Team:

- Updated CakeMc Bio in Team Page on all Devices

- Rearranged The Team Page Names (CakeMc is now Second on the page and Barmy is last)


2017 Guide:

- Added 2017 Guide to all Devices

- 2017 Guide can now be accessed on all devices (Header on Tablet and Desktop, Dropdown Menu on Mobile)

- Added Achievement List Links to 2017 Guide on Desktop

- Added Walkthough Links to 2017 Guide on Desktop

- Added Names of the Walkthrough Owners to 2017 Guide on Desktop

- Added images to the 2017 Guide Pages

- Rearranged Games in 2017 Guide to reduce size of page

- Remove description from second page of 2017 Guide on all Devices



- Organized Changelog

- Added 1.3 Changelog to all devices

- Added how many changes were in each update and the time the update took to make to changelog Page on all Devices (Not Finished)

- Added updated Privacy Policy link for App to 1.2 changelog.

- Updated Release Notes in App store on Changelog 1.2.

- Removed Double Spacing and added lines for each app change on Changelog 1.0 and 1.1 for Mobile and Desktop.

- Added Changed App Developer name on Store Page to 1.2 Changelog



- Most Recent Video & Most Recent Preview are now centred again on Mobile

- Changed nastymastadaddy text on Mobile Header from Black to White

- Changed Mobile Dropdown menu font from Georgia to Verdana



- Fixed Spacing Between Header and Content



- Mixer Page is now called Mixer Hub across all versions (Page not in use).



- Updated Secret Code Page on all Devices



App Changes:

- Updated App Version Number

- Updated App What's New

- Updated App Screenshots

- Updated App URI's

- Submitted App to Certification


Site version: 1.4

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