Release 1.3.1 – Archive, Home and 2017 Guide Fixes

Released – 31/01/2018 7.45am AEST


Website Changes:



- Fixed Grammatical Error on Home Page and January Archives on All Devices

- Swapped out picture of Hello Neighbour with Vesta in January Archives (Sorry Koding)



- Organized Changelog

- Added 1.3.1 Changelog to all Devices

- Renamed Changelog page on Mobile to Changelogs


2017 Guide:

- Slightly reworded 2017 Guide Link on Home for Desktop and Tablet

- Added Separation Bars to 2017 Guide on Mobile



- Changed Site Version Number from 1.3 to 1.3.1



App Changes:

- Updated App Site (Doesn't require an actual Update)


Site version: 1.4

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