Release 1.2 – Official Mobile Support and Quality of Life Adjustments

Released – 15/12/2017 8am AEST

14.5 Hours / 112 Changes


Website Changes


New Pages:

- Ported over mixer info page on mobile.

- Ported Mixer Ranks Page to Mobile

- Ported over Support the Team to Mobile

- Ported Suggestions and Contact Over to Mobile

- Ported over Mixer Hub to Mobile

- Ported all Reviews to Mobile

- Ported Privacy Policy over to Mobile

- Ported Changelog Home, 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 Pages to Mobile

- Ported Credits Page to Mobile

- Ported Aug -Sep 2017 Reviews/Previews to Desktop

- Ported the Team Page to Mobile

- Ported Christmas Pages to Current Build on Desktop and Mobile with a new look

- Ported Home page to Mobile

- Ported Jul/Aug 2017 Archives to Desktop



- Added Discord Link in Hiring.

- Updated spacing of Hiring Page.

- Reworded wording on Hiring Page.

- Added more spacing on hiring page

- Updated Hiring page on mobile


Separation Bars:

- Added Separation Bars to Weekly Commentary Archives on Desktop

- Added Separation Bars to Contact/Suggestions and centred all text on Mobile

- Added separation lines to home page on mobile

- Fixed issue with Separation Bar on The Team and Suggestions/Contact pages for Mobile

- Added Separation Bars to Support the Team and Hiring on Mobile

- Added Separation Bars to Mixer Rank Page on Mobile


Suggestions and Contact:

- Added Mailto Links in Suggestions and Contact for both Desktop and Mobile

- Increased Size of Message Box in Suggestions and Contact for Both Mobile and Desktop

- Reduced Size of Avatars in suggestions and contact (Less Overlap and Clutter)

- Realigned Suggestions text in Suggestions and Contact

- Centred Cake's email on Suggestions and Contact.

- Centred Contact Form and removed large spacing on Suggestions/Contact on Mobile

- Raised Avatars Up Slightly on Suggestions and Contact



- Christmas Present on Home Page is now transparent

- Fixed Buttons on Christmas Page and Included a back button

- Added back images to Christmas Page to both mobile and desktop

- Increased size of text on Christmas pages for both Mobile and Desktop

- Changed Christmas Page Image Tile Colours

- Clicking on Images on Christmas Page now take you to the Xbox Store



- Added Page - of - counter to Archives

- Updated Alignment of some Buttons in Archives

- Updated Dates on some of Archives

- Resized all Descriptions in Archives

- Fixed issue with Weekly Commentary 3 and 4 not functioning Correctly in Weekly Commentary Archives and Home Page

- Added Descriptions and Episode Number to Weekly Commentary Archives

- Archives now say Coming January 2018 on Mobile



- Updated Home Page on Desktop with latest videos

- Centred Text on Mobile Home

- Updated Descriptions on Desktop Home

- Mobile Intro Page is now called Welcome instead of Home

- Removed Welcome page from Mobile, Home is now the default page

- Expanded size of descriptions on Desktop Home

- Tapping on Logo on Mobile now takes you home

- Reduced Size of Hitbox for Language Translator on Home


Header and Footers

- Slightly Reduced Size of Header and Header Icons for less clutter

- Slightly reduced size of Header on Mobile

- Added Hyperlinks to Icons on Header

- Added YouTube and Mixer Icons to Header

- Reduced the size of the Desktop Footer

- Slightly reduced size of footer icons to reduce feelings of clutter

- Changed Copyright Text at Footer to reduce clutter

- Added Weekly Commentary to footer

- Adjusted Footer on Desktop So Scrolling bar doesn't cover footer links

- Added some space between content and footer on mobile

- Created Footer for Mobile

- Fixed Instagram Icon in Footer (Added Hyperlinks)



- Fixed Grammar error in Credits page.

- Added (Developer and Publisher) next to CakeMc in Credits page.

- Added Drew to Website Developers and Publishers on Credits.

- Updated Subscribers on Credits Page.

- Removed (Need to add Old Subs) from Credits.

- Added Caitlin and Joshua to Credits

- Changed Beta Testers to be Beta Testers and Suggesters in Credits Page

- Added Zen Vendetta to Credits

- Fixed Random Paragraph on Credits on Mobile

- Fixed spacing between website contributors and privacy policy maker on Credits page



- Added Scroll Progress Bar to Mobile

- Added Page Preloader to Mobile

- Enabled Phone Version

- Decreased size of gap when Drop Down Menu is active

- Updated Site Version Number

- Added text to intro page on mobile



- Updated Site Version Number

- Fixed Issue with Master Pages

- Added Favicon Image

- Rearranged Eventide 2 & Vostok Inc Review Image and Text on Desktop



- Changelogs are now separate pages for each log (Automatically New to Old)

- Added and Organized 1.2 Changelog to site.

- Changelogs are now more organized on both Desktop and Mobile

- Added Changelog 1.1 to Main Build (It Randomly Disappeared)

- Created Changelog Pages 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2


Game of the Week:

- Fixed Alignment on Game of the Week on Mobile

- Updated Game of the Week on Mobile and Desktop



- Changed all icons and rearranged them on Desktop Mixer Info page for consistency

- Fixed Spacing on Mixer Rank page on Mobile

- Fixed issue with Hyperlink on Mixer Info page on Mobile


Support the Team:

- Shortened Microsoft Affiliate Link in Support the Team and added a click here hyperlink

- Made Microsoft Affiliate Links and Image Clickable in Support the Team Page.

- Removed some Spacing from Subscribe button and description in Support the Team

- Updated Microsoft Affiliate wording on Support the Team Mobile


The Team:

- Added Hyperlinks to Drew on Team Page.

- Fixed Gamercards on The Team Page on Desktop

- Reorganized All Images and Bios on Team Page

- Updated CakeMc Bio on the Team (Gamerscore and Game Count)



- Updated App Publisher Name

- Opening the App Takes you home instead of the welcome page

- Updated App Name

- Updated App Version Number

- Added Support for Multiple Pages

- Submitted App Update to Certification

- Updated Release Notes in App Store

- Updated Privacy Policy link

- Changed App Developer name on Store Page


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