Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from Aug/Sep/Oct 2016

Dungeon Punks is out now on Xbox One for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.  This is a side scroller that will bring back nostalgia of old game such as TMNT or Simpsons arcade games.  This has RPG elements which make it last longer and more in depth.  It has 12 levels and a new game plus mode.  It is challenging but just gotta keep at it till your characters are levelled up enough to roll through the level.  The achievements are all straightforward except for one being glitched at the time of writing this.  So achievement hunters have another easy Gamerscore here.  Check out my Take for the full scoop. 7/10

Solar Shifter EX is out now on Xbox One. This game is a shmup.  As it goes without saying almost with this genre you need to be experienced with it.  The game is challenging and the achievements....well lets just say the achievements are a bitch.  I experienced no glitches just a lot of dying. A LOT.  If you are decent then it shouldn't take you much longer then 4 hours.  Hell if you good then prolly 2-3 hours.  But that is just for completing the game and not the achievements.  I like the laid back space music in the background.  This game is a maybe buy unless you really into shmups.  6/10

ZOMBIE!!!!  I, Zombie is out now on Xbox One for $3.99.  This game is for all the achievement hunters out there.  Only one or two achievements that MAY give you trouble.  As for the game, you are a zombie tasked with infecting everyone in each level.  Once you infect them they become part of your group/army and can help you take out everyone else in that level.  There are only 30 levels so its not that long of a game but a very fun game. I would for sure pick this up. 7/10

Welcome to a top down shooter mech game that is Livelock.  Out now on Xbox One.  This game is very neat.  I say neat because it has online co-op play.  Don't see that to often with ID@Xbox titles.  The mechanics of the game are simple.  Twin stick shooter...nuff said really.  You can upgrade your mech as you progress and there are different classes to choose from.  The achievements, to me, look rather grindy as you need to play as every class and level each one up. There are collectibles for each class as well.  So depending on the length of the game it could take awhile to get em all. 8/10

Obliteracers is out now on Xbox One.  This is a racing game. You have several different modes but basically you race around different tracks and the goal is to take everyone out.  There are item pick-ups which you use to destroy the bots with.  The bots can be a bit unfair but if you power through, it's not an overall difficult game.  The achievements are pretty simple, just a few grindy ones.  So this is an achievement hunter special.  The control of your car is horrible.  You slide everywhere.  There is online in this game however I see this game not having a large community. The sound is done decent enough and no crazy glitches just bad steering. 6/10



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