Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from Aug/Sep/Oct 2016

Mantis Burn Racing is out now on Xbox One for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.  A top down racer which controls rather well.  There is online but it's all ready a ghost town it seems.  So to play online you will need to grab some buddies (there are online achievements). Nothing that stands out with this one here.  It just doesn't surprise me in any way.  Not a bad thing, yet not a good thing.  Check out my video for achievement tips. [5/10]

SHMUP fans rejoice because Blue Rider is a good one.  For casual shmup players this game is a toughy.  You roam around the level destroying enemies.  So roaming around a level changes it up a bit and in a good way.  The achievements in this one are gonna challenge even the best shmup players. So no easy Gamerscore here. Plays smooth and didn't have any troubles. [6/10]

Rogue Stormers is out now on Xbox One for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.  It is a run 'n gun game.  You can play online coop but as of right now it is very laggy and messed up. The game has level up elements and which are perks you get.  There are only 7 levels but you will find it very difficult to go through all 7.  You'll end up getting killed from start from the beginning.  That is why levelling up will eventually make it easier and you can advance farther in the game. The achievements are a huge grind....

Kingdom: New Lands is out now on Xbox One for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.  This game was developed and published by Raw Fury Games.  This is a side scrolling strategy game with old school pixel graphics. To beat the game it requires you to get through all five islands which is a pain.  I managed to get through two islands.  The game can be frustrating because the AI doesn't always act right.  As for the achievements, not easy at all. There a few that are but the majority are a pain. 6.5/10

Speedboat challenge is out now on Xbox One for $13.99 or your regional equivalent.  There really isn't much to say.  You race against other speedboats. No online except for a few weird leaderboards.  The AI will crash into you without caring.  The achievements are all just for winning each race, which isn't to tough once you upgrade your boat.  4/10


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