Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from April 2016 - May 2016

Time to strain your brain with Cublikolor on Xbox One.  This game is out now. This is a really cool puzzle game.  You are a cube that has different colours on all sides.  This is what can get really tough in later levels as you can only move so many time and are timed at times too.  Really cool puzzle game and some may not be able to pick it up and get it. So watch my Take and see if its for you.

Super Night Riders is not your typical racing game. Out now on on Xbox One for $9.99 or your regional equivalent.  It brings some old school components with updated graphics slightly.  The achievements are all straightforward. Just complete the races within the game and you shall have your full gamerscore. However I found this game to be quite difficult and frustrating with no checkpoints.  There is however an easy mode but you wont get any achievements that way.  There is an online leaderboard however somewhat lacking in that it only shows your spot and cant compare with friends or see top spot.  The controls are spot on though.  I see this being a on sale special for sure with the lack of tracks and things you can do. I give it 5/10.

Get your racing boots on for some Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing. This game is out now on Xbox One for a special release week price of $6.39 (normally $7.99).  This game for a casual racing gamer is a little rough to get the hang of.  The controls are a bit wonky at first. The graphics are old school top down look which also takes some getting use to.  I think for the price its at it is worth it.  Also the achievements aren't that bad so that's a plus for me.

Get your puzzle on.  Mystery Castle is one doozy of a head scratcher.  It is out now on Xbox One. This is a hardcore puzzle game. If you are not one for these games then maybe check out my Take before you buy.  It takes place in castles with some story.  There are over 100 levels and each level is fairly quick once you know what you are doing.  I am getting stuck in the first castle so that should tell you the difficulty. However it is a rather good puzzler. Many different objects to use in each level.  The music is nothing to be amazed at but has some awesome laid back music. I didn't encounter any glitches and the controls are good.  To sum it up I would give Mystery Castle 6.5/10.

Be ready to be creeped out.  The Park is a horror game based on storytelling as there is no combat or death in the game.  The Park is $12.99 or your regional equivalent.  Overall I had a good time.  The controls worked fine. Plenty of settings including sensitivity.  Graphically spot on with the creepiness of an abandoned amusement park.  The story was very well done and had me on the edge of my seat.  The only downside is that it is only 1-2 hours long.  However I would still recommend it because of the story and THE SIMPLE ACHIEVEMENTS.  I would give it a 7/10. If the story was another 2-3 hours then for sure it would have gotten a higher rating.


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