Archive of my Takes and Gameplay from Apr/May/Jun 2017

Air Guitar Warriors is out now on Xbox One for $14.99 US.  Gamerscore is to be had here.  But dont overlook the kick ass guitar and the bullets each one spits out. This game is short probably like 3-4 hours of gameplay. But hey once you finish this grab the Kinect version as they are identical. 6.8/10


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The Town of Light is out now on Xbox One for$19.99 US or your regional equivalent.  This game is not one for the kids, due to a Lesbian sex scene, Drilled in the brain. That being said it has a really twisted story but a good one if that's your cup of tea.  It's like a walking sim with some psychological stuff thrown in.  Achievement Hunters will want to get this.  Very simple to get the full gamerscore. 8/10

Come help save all the gingerians in Ginger: Beyond the Crystal


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Do you love The Walking Dead?

Love interactive click and point games?


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Black & White Bushido is out now on Xbox One for $12.99 or your regional equivalent. Not much to say here so check out Nasty's Take to get the full scoop. 6.5/10.


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