Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution is a simple turn based strategy game from High Tale studio. Previously released on steam and windows 8 the game has made its way to Xbox One. The game is not your typical turn based strategy game. As you can tell from the funny dressed squirrels. Gameplay is relatively easy, you take turns attacking the enemy using different cards and build up resources to get stronger attacks and defenses. The learning curve at first is a little tricky as the AI seems unbeatable at first. Once you learn their style of attack the battles become a lot easier. The story mode of this game is a bit short. The game provides about 6-8 hours of campaign depending on your skill. The offset to this is the multiplayer section of the game where you can face off against a friend. Sad news is that since at the time of writing this I haven't been able to find anyone to test multiplayer with yet. From what I've researched, the multiplayer is one on one card battles. And although the steam version had online capability the Xbox version lacks the feature.


Graphics and visuals are decent to say the least. Nothing spectacular but at the same time its not bad  either. Sounds effects are well done as well with the visual effects. During story mode you will test your skills on 25 different levels, every few levels you will face off against a boss, each boss has different weaknesses and advantages you will try to learn. First few tries won't be so easy but like I said it just takes practice.

Achievements are simple to say the least. They will task you with beating the campaign bosses, warming gold stars then there are a few random achievements that involve certain attacks or buying upgrades in a game.


There are just 11 achievements in the game worth 1000 Gamerscore. True achievements has estimated a 6 hour completion.

Overall the game is good for any achievement hunter. Quick and easy gamescore for a cheap price. That’s all Id really recommend it for though. Nothing really stood out to me for the game, maybe cause im not much if a turn based game fan. The game just didn’t have any features that would make me wanna play it again. Not a terrible experience but not great.

Final Score - 6/10


Written by John Aka Yodz

Twitter @akayodz  Xbox: YoDz


A download code was provided by the developer for the purpose of review.

Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution can be purchased from the Xbox Store Here


Release Date - Wednesday‎, ‎January‎ ‎11‎, ‎2017

Price - $9.99

Download Size - 801.55 MB



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