Ready to explore dubstep in a new way or even experience the genre for the first time? Aaero is the perfect game to play to achieve this! It offers up 12 different dubstep tracks from popular dubstep artists to play through and there’s even a DLC pack available that adds in 3 Drum & Bass tracks to add to the variety of songs in the game.



Departing from the plastic instruments of Rock Band, Guitar Hero & the other rhythm games that have saturated the market over the years, Aaero uses just the normal controller but makes full use of what’s needed to make an amazing game without any gimmicks needed. This is just what appears to be a simple game that requires you to follow what is going on in the game at all times while being fun to play at the same time.


Gameplay is simple: follow the ribbon, shoot enemies when they appear (so you don’t die), maybe find the hidden secrets in each level. While this may sound simple, each level/track is widely different than the one before or after it which lends it some difficulty on top of the inherent difficulty of the game.


Aaero has a simplistic look to its graphics even though it doesn’t need to as the main focus is on the music and how the environment interacts with it. Each track has its own environment to admire and obstacles to overcome. The secrets hidden within each track are fun to find and each track is different in terms of the way they play out as some are just normal “levels” per say while others are considered “boss levels”. It’s this change between levels that keeps the game fresh and replay high as well as the fact that there’s 2 unlockable difficulty levels beyond the starting difficulty which ramp up the difficulty of each track.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of games like Frequency & Amplitude will find this similarly pleasing to play. The major spikes in difficulty that occurs in the game between the 12 tracks that make up the soundtrack will throw off a beginner to the game but after learning the controls and how the game mechanics work, the difficulty spikes will become non-existent. Personally, I’m still a beginner as I could only get 8 of the achievements in the game but this is a game that requires time and effort to master while enjoying some great tracks at the same time.


Rating: 8/10


Written by: Tsumewulf

Gamertag: Tsumewulf



+ Dubstep soundtrack and visually stunning visuals

+ Unique rhythm game

+ Affordable price for the genre

+ Xbox One X Enhanced



-Dramatic spikes in difficulty

-Lack of online play


Ethics Statement:

The reviewer spent approximately 5 hours following musical ribbons, shooting enemies, avoiding obstacles & finding secrets across the 2 different game modes. Sadly only earning 8 of the 78 semi-brutally difficult achievements.


A code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review


You can purchase Aaero on the Xbox Store here


Release Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Price: $14.99

Download size: 2.1 GB


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