This game is a Visual Novel based in the future the year 2064 to be exact, there’s many visual novels around to be played but does this one beat the rest? Is this one a hidden gem? All questions will be answered.



This game does provide a story however it can feel a little cluttered for example the game kind of just starts with no context as to what’s going on but later on the pieces fit the puzzle and things start to become clearer. The story does pick up but it wasn’t enough for me it was pretty linear nothing special really happened in the time I spent playing it and outcomes for events were pretty predictable this took away the element of suspense. The story is told through conversation so if you skip conversation you will miss key elements and you could be left wondering what’s going on?

I progressed through the game and found myself wondering do my decisions I’ve made really matter that much which was a disappointment unfortunately.


While what I’ve said about the game seems all and so far not all is bad for example the music is very well done and does set the atmosphere for scenes, I also like idea of having a robot companion that goes through the game with you and can provide you humour, another feature I liked was the ability to make your character personal to you by being able to add your own name and even your food preferences  personally I thought this added humour.

However when I was trying to add my name I did notice the keyboard menu was a little clunky and wasn’t working perfectly, I know the game is a visual novel but personally I found that some conversations in the game lasted way to long and just dragged along this is an issue that can’t be fixed but this is just my opinion on it.


Rating: 5/10


Written by: Shaz

Gamertag: ShaZS15


Ethics Statement:

The reviewer spent approximately 3 hours playing the game and earned 6 achievements for 60 Gamerscore total.


A code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review


You can purchase 2064 Read Only Memories on the Xbox Store here


Release Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Price: $19.99

Download size: 1.07 GB


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